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Monthly Archives: Wrzesień 2012

Indeks podskoczył o 0,1 po wgraniu sterowników beta do karty graficznej!




Installation instructions:
A few simple steps is all that is needed to install these language packs:

Download the language pack .xpi from this page (below). You may also choose to immediately „install” in the browser (the default when left-clicking), skipping the need to save it first (go to step 3).
If you downloaded the .xpi first, double-click the .xpi in explorer/other file manager. Confirm that you want to install the .xpi in your browser. This will add the language pack
To actually switch to the new language, you also have to make a configuration change. Go to the advanced configuration editor (type about:config in the address bar and press enter).
Find the setting general.useragent.locale which is set to „en-US” by default. Double-click it to change.
Enter the language code for your locale, including region if applicable. E.g.: „fr” if you live in france, „ja” if you live in Japan, „es-MX” if you want Mexican Spanish. Use the same code as the file name of the language pack you downloaded.
Close completely and restart it.

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